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Cyber Monday Beats Studio - 'Before Obi-Wan, there was Spock': fans remember NimoyByAfp Published: 21:12 GMT, 27 February 2015 | Updated: 21:12 GMT, 27 February 2015 Star Trek fans paid tribute to actor Leonard Nimoy in the heart of Hollywood on Friday, remembering the man known to countless millions simply as Spock.A trickle of fans of all ages stopped at Nimoy's star on Hollywood's Walk Cyber Monday Beats Studio of Fame, where entertainment industry figures are immortalized on the sidewalk. Before Obi-Wan, before Yoda, before Star Wars -- there was Spock, said Gregg Donovan, after placing flowers and a black and white photograph of Nimoy alongside Captain Kirk (William Shatner) on the actor's star. Photographers gather around the star of actor Leonard Nimoy, on February 27, 2015 on the Cyber Monday Beats Studio Hollywood Walk of Fame in California AcRobyn Beck (AFP)For Donovan, an English-born actor dressed in a top hat, a red tailcoat and white gloves, Nimoy's death was personal. He once bagged the actor's groceries when he was working at a Los Angeles supermarket. I always remember his kindness. I told him I was a member of the Screen Actors Guild Cyber Monday Beats Studio and he said 'Keep going, don't give up, Donovan recalled.A long-time fan of Star Trek, Donovan, 55, said Nimoy's character was revered worldwide. 'Live long and prosper,' he said, citing Spock's catchphrase. If you go around the world, they know Star Trek. Mr Spock is an icon, more than William Shatner, added Donovan, who now works on Hollywood Boulevard greeting Cyber Monday Beats Studio tourists. I was working in Brazil in the 1980s when the films came out. I remember going to see the one where they were looking for Spock after he died, I think it was called 'Search For Spock.' Everyone knew Spock in Brazil. They just called him 'Senor Spock.' - 'Kind and personable' -Filmmaker Bill Lyon, 28, was not even Cyber Monday Beats Studio born when the last episode of the original Star Trek series aired on television nearly two decades earlier.But Lyon, visiting from Pittsburgh, felt moved to pay tribute to Nimoy's star after learning of the actor's death. I liked what the character and the actor stood for, Lyon told AFP. I never met him but what I always heard was how Cyber Monday Beats Studio kind and personable he was. That is not always the case for people working in the entertainment industry. Lyon said he was introduced to Star Trek as a child by his father. Even though it was pretty old by then, it holds up. It does not lose its appeal, and Spock was a big part of that, Lyon said. There Cyber Monday Beats Studio is so much happening in that show. I think it had something for everyone. People liked the logic and the sense of balance between Spock and Kirk. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce placed a bouquet of yellow roses on Nimoy's star. A card with the flowers read: We are all so glad that you 'lived long and prospered' You will Cyber Monday Beats Studio be missed! Leonard Nimoy arrives for the Los Angeles premiere of the movie Star Trek Into Darkness in Hollywood, California, May 14, 2013 AcFrederic J. Brown (AFP/File) Flowers are placed on the star of actor Leonard Nimoy, on February 27, 2015, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California AcRobyn Beck (AFP) .