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Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan - 'I will stay strong for mom. We have two of the most beautiful angels watching over us': Sister's heartbreaking eulogy for her younger siblings shot dead by their cop fatherFunerals of Deanna and Alissa Hochman, 13 and 17, held in Harrison, NYHundreds attended funerals after girls were gunned down by their fatherGlen Hochman, 52, shot the two Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan sisters dead as they slept on SaturdaySurviving family, mom Anamarie and sister Samantha, spoke at funeral'I will stay strong for mom, reminding her every day that we have two of the most beautiful angels watching over us,' said SamanthaA?Hochman reportedly wrote the family out of his retirement planA?In the girls' funeral service there was no mention made Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan of their fatherA?ByKieran Corcoran For Published: 20:48 GMT, 27 February 2015 | Updated: 13:08 GMT, 28 February 2015 14 shares 1 View comments The two teenage girls gunned down by their retired cop rather were mourned on Friday, as tears were shed over their 'caring and zany' personalities.Deanna Hochman, 13, her sister Alissa,17, were shot dead Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan in their sleep by Glen Hochman, 52 - who then turned the gun on himself on Saturday.A service for the two girls was held in their hometown of Harrison, New York. Leading the mourning was their mother, Anamarie DiPietro-Hochman, 50, and their surviving sister, Samantha.Samantha said in a letter to her sisters; 'This tragedy has broken me. Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan I will never be the same. I will stay strong for mom, reminding her every day that we have two of the most beautiful angels watching over us.' Mourners: Black-clad coffin bearers carried the bodies of Deanna Hockman, 13, and Alissa Hockman, 17, through the streets of Harrison, New York on Friday Salute:Surviving sister Samantha and motherA?Anamarie Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan read heartbreaking letters Dead: Glen Hochman, 52, a police officer of 22 years who only retired in January, shot dead Deanna Hochman, 13 (center) and Alissa Hochman, 17, on Saturday afternoon Tears: In the above frame, mourners comfort a grieving relative of the slain girls at the funeral on FridayShe also said to her younger sister; 'As Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan an older sister I hope that you idolized me, but the truth is, I idolized you. You were the funniest person I've ever known. You had the ability to make me laugh at any given moment.'She closed by saying; 'Keep an eye on each other and give pop pop a kiss. I love you.'A? RELATED ARTICLES Previous Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan 1 2 Next Retired cop who shot dead his two teen daughters before... Cop's wife had called a family meeting to discuss leaving... Retired police officer 'shoots dead his two teen daughters,... Share this article Share Tears were shed for the two girls as it emerged that Hochman had left a 'final insult' before killing half his Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan family - by allegedly writing the survivors out of his retirement plan.Sources told the New York PostA?that Hochman deliberately filed paperwork that did not name them as his beneficiaries - effectively condemning them to a future of poverty.At the service in Harrison, extended family read prepared from Samantha and her mother, who were too grief-stricken to speak. Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan According to CBS2, all mention of their father was deliberately avoided in the service.Of Alissa, who volunteered regularly, DiPietro-Hochman said: 'I now see the reason you gave so much.'According to the Lower Hudson Journal News, she continued: 'Your smile could light up a room and your caring, empathetic way won people over.'You were the baloney in our Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan sandwich and without you we're weren't complete'.Samantha, 18, said that she was angry at her sister's death at so young an age. Her statement said: 'I am angry that you won't get a chance to go to prom, spring break, graduation or college. I'm angry that you won't get the chance to get married and have children. Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan I am angry that your beautiful life was cut short'. Hochman is pictured here with the girls' mother, Anamarie. She was reportedly considering a divorce Killed:A?Alissa Hochman, 17, a senior at Harrison High School, and Deanna Hochman, 13, were found dead, along with their father, on Saturday afternoonOf her youngest daughter, Deanna, she said: 'You had a Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan zany personality to match mine. I love that we could look at each other from across the room and just crack each other up,...''I promise you one day that I will laugh again in remembering you. Rest in peace, baby girl. Love, Mommy.'Samantha added: 'You were the funniest person I've ever known... It sickens me to know Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan I won't get a chance to see you grow, to see you date, to watch you go through high school'.The Journal News reported that the funeral was held at the Catholic church of St Gregory the Great in Harrison, and was attended by dozens of family members and bus-loads of the girls' classmates, the Harrison Daily Voice Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan reported.Funeral plans for the girls' father are unclear. A?Of the alleged plan to leave the two survivors penniless, a family friend told the Post: '...He effectively stole the future away from the family he left behind.'Hochman, who served White Plains for 22 years, executed his daughters, Alissa, 17, and Deanna, 13, along with three family dogs at Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan the family home on Saturday.Samantha and her mother weren't home at the time. DiPietro-Hochman had reportedly considering a divorce in the previous weeks.Harrison Police Chief Anthony Marraccini said officers visited the home after receiving reports of no answers at the door.A? Scene: Police arrived at this home at 1 Adelphi Avenue in the Westchester County village of Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan Harrison on Saturday night to find Glen Hochman, 52, a former local cop, and his two teen daughters deadPolice dispatched to the scene made the grim discovery of the bodies and a six-page note penned by Hochman. Police have not said what was in the note.His body was found in the garage while those of Alissa and Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan Deanna were found on 'the main level' of the house.A?White Plains Police Commissioner David Chong released a statement and called the deaths 'an unfathomable tragedy'.Chong said the department were 'shocked and horrified by the news,' according to the Journal News.'We can only pray for the family,' he said.'Officer Hochman served this department and the city of White Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan Plains with honor and integrity for over 22 years.'Last year, Hochman won the department's life-saving award for keeping an unresponsive man alive until paramedics arrived.A?A?He reportedly suffered an Achilles' injury in early May when he fell while helping a disabled motorist, reports.He had time off to recover according to his union lawyer, Warren Roth, who had known Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan Hochman for more than 25 years.He said Hochman sought a disability retirement because of the injury - but had not been depressed over it as he was planning for retirement soon anywayA?A?'It's just devastating to a lot of people,' Roth said.A?'He was always a quiet, reserved guy, nothing ever seemed to unsettle him. ... And he was Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan wonderful with his daughters, a devoted father. That's the scary part. There was absolutely no seeing this coming.'In a statement on the Harrison school district's website, Superintendent of Schools Louis N. Wool said Alissa, a high school senior, and Deanna were 'both lost to incomprehensible tragedy.'He said the response of the district community to past tragedies has Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan been inspiring and that he expects the students and staff will be no less resilient this time.'In this awful moment, let us remember how proud we are of (the high school community), how much they have helped others and how much they will help others again,' Wool said.Harrison High School, opened its campus on Sunday for grief Cyber Monday Scarpe Hogan counseling. 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